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New York City Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis Integrative Healing Center

New York Hypnosis And Integrative Hypnotherapy Free Hypnosis Facts Page.
This is a tribute page to Jeff Cohen, who was a great hypnotist, who passed on
a few years back. To honor his memory, we’ve allowed this page to stay up
as a F.A.Q. page as what is possible with hypnosis.

We can point you in the direction of those hypnotists still doing the work , like Jeff Cohen
did, but this page isĀ  solely For your information, a small tribute to a great man who helped
thousands of his patients over the years… and to to help you choose the best hypnotist for your needs
from amongst the handful Jeff Cohen considered the best.

Here’s a reminder of Jeff and what he brought to the work. He will
Be sadly missed.

New York City Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis Integrative Healing Center
Our Manhattan NYC Office :
156 5th Ave ( 20th ST ) Suite 725
& Bell # 4 New York NY 10010

JohnPetrocelli-NYC-Hypnosis-SessionWho Do We Recommend – The #1 Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist On The East Coast
NYC is Professor Petrocelli
of the Hypnosis Center of New York

Click Here To Go To His Website
The Sessions Here are 3-6 hour SUPER SESSIONS,
results orientated

And very few sessions are required to get
immediate relief and Maximum